General documents required for registration and enrollment:

  • Registration and initial registration form provided upon registration by the Graduate Program and available at;
  • Score table to be delivered upon registration and available at;
  • Copy of the Undergraduate Diploma notarized (front and back) or copy of the certificate of completion with the date of the degree obtained in an officially recognized undergraduate course. In the case of a certificate, proof of the diploma of the undergraduate course will be mandatory within a maximum period of 01 (one) year, counted from the date of enrollment in the graduate course.
  • Copy of the undergraduate transcript with the date of the degree obtained;
  • Copy of the master’s degree or certificate of completion (or certificate with the date provided for the defense, which must be prior to the first day of enrollment) and the transcript from a graduate program recognized by CAPES (with a grade equal to or greater than 3) for doctoral candidates with previous master degree.
  • 02 recent ID-size photos with white background;
  • Copy of birth or marriage certificate (or equivalent document for foreigners);
  • Copy of the ID (driver’s license will not be accepted);
  • Copy of Voter’s Card (except for foreigners)
  • Copy of military document (except for foreigners);
  • Copy of CPF (except for foreigners);
  • Proficiency in English: applicants, both for the Master’s, doctorate, and direct doctorate courses must prove proficiency in English, which can be demonstrated by presenting a copy of the certificate (according to TEAP, TOEFL, ALLUMINI, IELTS, CAMBRIDGE, and MICHIGAN exams), considering grade equal to or greater than 60% for the Master’s degree and 70% for doctorate and direct doctorate. Proficiency held up to 5 (five) years prior to the date of application of the candidate in the program. Other equivalent exams may be analyzed by the Coordinating Committee upon request;
  • Receipt of registration fee payment in the amount of R$ 214,00 (two hundred and fourteen reais), to be paid by Bank slip, payable up to 7 (seven) days after the issuance and available at There will be no refund of the registration fee under any circumstances.

Program-specific documents required for enrollment

  • Research project, which should have a maximum of six pages containing introduction and rationale; objectives; materials and methods; expected results; relevance and bibliographic references (only for doctoral candidates and direct doctorate);
  • Curriculum Vitae (preferably LATTES, without binding). The documents must be delivered separately.

Documents required for registration only

  • Copy of the valid identity document and temporary or permanent visa authorizing the study in Brazil. Examples of these documents: National Migration Registration Card (CRNM) or RNE (Alien Identity Card) or RNE Protocol and passport for foreign applicants.

Note: the registration and enrollment of foreign applicants in graduate programs are exceptionally authorized carrying only the passport with the student visa with the registration/issuance of the foreign identity card, issued by the Federal Police. After the student attends the Federal Police, the applicant must present at the Registrar Office the protocol/document issued by the Federal Police, with the number of the RNE, within a maximum period of 15 days for regularization of the registration in the Janus system.