About the Program

The Graduate Program in Biochemistry aims at the training of human resources for basic and applied research and higher education in the area of Biochemistry.

The Program has already qualified 262 Masters and 227 Doctors. Our alumni occupy prominent positions in research and higher education in universities and companies in Brazil and abroad. The dissertations and theses were related to the areas of structure and function of macromolecules, enzymology, regulatory mechanisms of gene expression and metabolism.

Through the current structure of the Master’s degree, students learn basic techniques of Biochemistry, the structure of biomolecules, and regulatory mechanisms of metabolism. During the PhD, the advanced disciplines allow the student the learning in the areas of Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology. Also for both masters and doctoral students, seminars are offered with visiting professors from several universities in Brazil and abroad, allowing a continuous exchange of ideas and collaborations. Master’s and doctoral students can also choose, among several elective disciplines, those they consider being more important for their dissertation/thesis work.

The professors from the Graduate Program in Biochemistry coordinate laboratories and research lines in several areas, including biomarkers and biochemistry of cancer, cell signaling and intermediate metabolism of fungi and biotechnology, control of gene expression and systems biology, biochemistry of neurodegenerative diseases, cell signaling and protein homeostasis in animal cells (including human), control of metabolism and bioenergetics, biochemistry of parasites, among others. All these lines of research can be chosen by the students to carry out their experimental works.